Tugela Mill
Tugela Mill is located near the ports of Richards Bay and Durban (South Africa), allowing for easy access to global markets.

The emphasis at Tugela Mill is on satisfying customer needs through high levels of quality and process as well as equipment optimisation. Against this backdrop, the mill's no 2 paper machine produces a range of high-quality container- and fluting boards manufactured from recycled and virgin fibre.
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Our products

Tugela Mill plays a major role in leading packaging innovation in South Africa and is the only mill in the country to offer high performance containerboard packaging. This allows customers to develop lightweight boxes which retain their strength in cold storage conditions.

Fluting (112g/m2 – 175g/m2) + Liner (115g/m2 – 440g/m2)

Sappi Tugela Mill range of fluting and liner includes semi-chemical and recycled grades, which provide the exceptional stiffness characteristics required for demanding packaging applications.
  • Hi-Yield Fluting – is manufactured from semi-chemical pulp with impart superior strength properties. The differentiation strength properties of Hi-Yield Fluting make it attractive to corrugated case makers for use in a variety of end-use applications, ranging from demanding high-value industrial packaging to agricultural fruit and vegetable packaging.
  • SuperFlute – our premium virgin fluting, offers superior ring crush properties and superb cyclic humidly resistance properties. It is designed for use in agricultural packaging where the structural integrity of corrugated cases throughout the supply chain, during cold storage, handling, stacking and transportation is critical. Farmers and industrial manufacturers rely on Superflute for protection of their valuable cargo.
  • Tugela Liner – a two-ply linerboard with exceptional stiffness and high ring crush properties. This product, when used in conjunction with Superflute during case making, offers end users and innovative packaging solutions for industrial and agricultural applications.
  • Testliner – this product has high recycled fibre content and is also well suited for industrial packaging solutions.
  • Mandeni fluting and liner – produced with 100% recycled fibre used for industrial packaging applications.

Our milestones
Our environment

We recognise that sound economic performance, linked with responsible management of natural resources, social responsibility and responsible corporate citizenship are fundamental to sustainable development.

All of Sappi Southern Africa's mills are committed to the preservation and protection of their people, the environment, products and assets and is implementing internationally accepted safety, health environmental and quality standards to achieve this.

We were the first South African forest products company to develop an Environmental Code of Practice (in 1989) and implement and annual environmental audit.

Tugela Mill has been certified with the internationally recognised environmental management system – ISO 14001, Quality Management System - ISO 9001 and Safety Management System - OHSAS 18001. In addition the mill has been audited for Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC™)certification.

Our aim is to minimise our use of natural resources and all mills are strictly controlled in terms of air emissions, water use, effluent discharge and solid waste management as well as energy recovery.

Apart from extensive training programmes at all mills, the Sappi Pulp and Paper College offers courses towards a recognised national qualification in pulp and paper making. A financial study assistance scheme also enables employees to complete external coursed related to their fields of work.

Our community

Each of Sappi Southern Africa's mills plays a positive role in their surrounding communities by supporting a wide variety of social programmes. These include educational, health and community uplifment programmes.

  • PROTEC – a national science and technology career development programme promoting technology literacy for learners in Grades 10-12.
  • HIV/Aids risk management programme – our policy is focused on education, training and awareness programmes; the promotion of acceptance and transparency around the disease in the workplace and reasonable and appropriate support for infected and affected employees.
  • Umfolozi College – Sappi has been instrumental in development of the Umfolozi (FET) College. In 2007, Tugela Mill moved its internal. Training centre to the Umfolozi College and formed one of the first partnerships between the government and private industry. This more, a first in the Sappi group, has been widely recognised by local and national government.
  • Simunye Forum – a community based environmental forum where interested and affected parties and the affected public can discuss, debate and resolve issues that not only involves the mill but the wider Mandeni community.