Sappi Paper & Paper Packaging
Sappi was formed in South Africa in 1936 to serve South African consumers with locally produced paper. Sappi continues this tradition by innovating and developing new products to meet local demand for:

  • newsprint,
  • coated and uncoated fine paper,
  • office and business paper (stationery, printing and photocopying),
  • security and speciality paper (passport and election ballot paper),
  • containerboard (such as cardboard boxes used for exporting fruit) and
  • packaging paper (bag grades for sugar and the fast food industry).

Headquartered in Johannesburg (South Africa), the division operates five pulp and paper mills and has a production capacity of 950,000 tons of paper and 750,000 tons of pulp per year.
* Sappi ReFibre collects waste paper in the SA market which is used to produce packaging paper.