Cape Kraft Mill
Cape Kraft Mill, based in Cape Town (South Africa), uses approximately 67,000 tons per year of waste paper to produce 60,000 tons of paper per year. The fact that the mill's product is produced from 100% recycled paper provides a competitive edge in our markets, which are becoming increasingly environmentally aware.

Another competitive edge is the flexibility offered by the offline coater, which can coat papers from as light as 46g/m² to as heavy as 350g/m². The coater offers corrugators, carton and bag/sack manufacturers a selection of barrier and clay-coated papers.
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Our products

Fluting (112g/m² - 175g/m²)
Fluting is an integral part of corrugated box construction and is sometimes referred to as corrugating medium. Sappi's range of fluting includes semi-chemical and recycled grades, which provide the exceptional stiffness characteristics required for demanding packaging applications.
Cape Fluting is manufactured from recycled fibre and offers exceptional runability on a corrugator, making it a favourite amongst corrugated case makers. Corrugated boxes incorporating Cape Fluting are normally targeted at the industrial end-use sectors.

Linerboard (125g/m² - 200g/m²)
Linerboard is used as the outer layer in corrugated cases.
Cape Liner is manufactured from recycled fibre and is suitable for industrial case making applications where packaging costs are a major factor.

Our milestones
Our environment

We recognise that sound economic performance, linked with responsible management of natural resources, social responsibility and responsible corporate citizenship are fundamental to sustainable development.

All of Sappi Southern Africa's mills are committed to the preservation and protection of their people, the environment, products and assets and is implementing internationally accepted safety, health, environmental and quality standards to achieve this.

We were the first South African forest products company to develop an Environmental Code of Practice (in 1989) and implement an annual environmental audit.

All our mills have obtained, or are engaged in obtaining, compliance and certification with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Our community

Each of Sappi Southern Africa's mills plays a positive role in their surrounding communities by supporting a wide variety of social programmes. These include educational, health and community upliftment programmes, including:

  • PROTEC - a national science and technology career development programme promoting technology literacy for learners in Grades 10-12.
  • HIV/Aids risk management programme - our policy is focused on education, training and awareness programmes; the promotion of acceptance and transparency around the disease in the workplace and reasonable and appropriate support for infected and affected employees.
  • Two Oceans and Bayworld Aquarium - Sappi is a longstanding corporate sponsor of the Two Oceans and Bayworld aquariums in Cape Town and Port Elizabeth respectively. The ‘Sappi story of water' exhibit at Two Oceans tracks the journey of water from mountain into stream, river and finally the ocean. The seaside penguin exhibit is a very popular exhibit in this area.